"30 years ago, two visionary artists – Giorgio Strehler and Jack Lang – created the Union of European Theatres. (...) UTE preceded as a model the European Union itself, including the artistically most powerful companies and artists from countries across the continent, many of them not even today members of the EU. It demonstrated that culture cannot be limited by borders and zones of geopolitical or economic interests and theatre must be an instrument in guiding all humanity in its quest for freedom, peace, justice, and aspiration for a better world."

Gábor Tompa, UTE President, Introduction to UTE 30 Anniversary Album

Union des Théâtres de l'Europe gathered, in the last 3 decades, some of the most important European theatres and artists. Through festivals, exhibitions, exchanges, masterclasses, cooperation projects, the UTE help create a continuous flow between West and East, between generations, between tradition and innovation. Our celebration is inspired by this rich history. With the help of the Interferences International Theatre Festival we wish to remember some of the best performances presented at past editions of the UTE festival and look forward to new horizons.

The UTE Festival was, since its very first edition, one of the most important theatre festivals in Europe, a meeting point of artists and theatre lovers. The performances presented at the festival are remembered as some of the best of their time. UTE celebrates its 30 years and 18 festival editions with a selection of 10 performances and the documentary La tentation faustienne to be streamed on the UTE Vimeo channel. Details and program are available here.

Online Streams

Union des Théâtres de l'Europe, through its prestigious Theatre Festival, created the opportunity for the European public to experience in their cities some of the best productions of their time. 10 representative productions of present and former UTE members were selected to be online streamed as a way of celebrating the UTE heritage. The first production to be presented – Faust frammenti, directed by Giorgio Strehler, one of the UTE founders – will be accompanied by the documentary Giorgio Strehler – La tentation faustienne, a rare glimpse into Giorgio Strehler's working method.

All the performances have English subtitles. The screening will start at 16:00 CET and they will be available for 24h on the UTE Vimeo channel.

Last program of the festival (29 November 2020. 5 p.m.) will be our play, directed by Gábor Székely: Milán Füst's Catullus from 1987.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.facebook.com/events/488802632457560/