The biannual festival takes place in Katona József Theatre, downtown Budapest featuring a fresh selection of the best contemporary Czech theatre and a free concert.

CSEKKOLD! 3.0 - Czech Theatre Festival
3-5 November, Katona József Theatre

/// Moon over the River
3. 11., Fri, 7pm
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The festival will start with a courageous adaptation of Měsíc nad řekou, written by Czech poet Fráňa Šrámek, who was strongly influenced by anarchism and impressionism. Tragicomical moments of the classical play are highlighted and a wasted life and unfullfilled human relations are in focus. Slovácké divadlo from the borderland town of Uherské Hradiště is one of the most successful ensembles of the country despite its location: last year, it has registered 90000 visitors in a town of 26000 inhabitants.

Directed by Anna Petrželková
2 hrs 30 min, with intermission
In Czech with Hungarian and English subtitles

/// Macbeth (TOO MUCH BLOOD)
4. 11., Sat, 7pm
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A modern take on Macbeth by Divadlo na zábradlí, a well-known theatre in Prague. The play is famous for using heavily simplified English, which evoking slogans of pre-election campaigns and barbarian howls. The play is accompanied by darkbluegrass music and black humor, so prepare for a dense atmosphere.

Directed by David Jařab
1 hr 50 min, no intermission
In English with Hungarian subtitles

/// KAR
4.11., Sat, 5pm
5.11., Sun, 7pm
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A loose, unusual and very creative adaptation of the classical novel Anna Karenina. We attend the funeral of Anna Karenina and it’s up to us what to find out about her life. The play was created under the leadership of the outstanding Slovenian puppeteer and musician Matija Solce, who is also frontman of the peculiar Slovenian-Slovakian-Czech band Fekete Seretlek.

Directed by Matija Solce
50 min, no intermission
In Czech and English with Hungarian subtitles

/// Readings – two Czech plays about inheritence and distraint
5.11., Sun, 4pm
In Hungarian

In cooperation with actors and directors of Katona József Színház, we will present you works of Tereza Verecká and Milan Uhde, connected with topics of family and property. Verecká’s play, On the rocky, rocky field (Na kamenném, kamenném poli), is about distraint, the seizure of someone’s property to pay one’s debt, an omnipresent in Czech republic, while Uhde play, Zázrak v domě božím (Miracle in the house of god), is about death and inheritance proceedings. These plays are also connected with absurdity and humor, two typical features of czech culture.

/// Free gig: Fekete Seretlek (CZ) (world/cabaret/impro)
5.11., Sun, 8:30pm
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Free entrance!

The group Fekete Seretlek is reusing, changing and mixing motives from world music and making up its own original compositions. Violoncello, accordion, trumpet, double bass, violin, cajon and five voices. Six musicians-actors, all graduated from the Prague Theatre Academy (DAMU).

Box office and information:

Katona József Theatre
Budapest, District V., Petőfi Sándor u. 6. (near Ferenciek tere)
Phone: +36 1 266-5200