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Our Every Day a Play campaign topped the M+ List in the best campaign category and Katona is the runner-up in the best advertiser award.

The M+ List of the Association of Communication Agencies in Hungary accumulates the results of a number of creative awards, including the Cannes Lions.

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Best campaigns, 2016:
1. Every Day a Play - Katona József Theatre / Young & Rubicam
2. Aunt Bici Playing Chess - Magyar Telekom / DDB
3. The Power of sharing - Magyar Telekom / Isobar
4. Abused Presenter - Rustavi 2 / Saatchi & Saatchi
5. See Myself - Telenor / Young & Rubicam

Top advertisers, 2016:
1. Magyar Telekom
2. Katona József Theatre
3. Heineken
4. Unicef Hungary
5. Vodafone

Every Day a Play is a series of ten short films, each recording a 1-2 minute theatre play, which are based on an actual piece of daily news. The news were selected every morning in a ten-day period and the plays and films were written, rehearsed and produced during the day the from scratch. All movies were published in Hungary's leading news portal. The campaign was conceived by Young & Rubicam, Budapest and produced by a joint team of the agency and Katona led by director András Dömötör.

Sample videos:
Every Day a Play: The Russian president hasn't contacted Elton John whatsoever, says Kremlin
Every Day a Play: Healthcare - Retired doctors are reactivated
Every Day a Play: EU Conspiracy