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The first premiere on our main stage in season 2016/2017 is Molière's The School for Wives, directed by Tamás Ascher, opening on 9 October. In Kamra, our studio stage, the first premiere of the season is Ferdinand von Schirach's Terror directed by András Dömötör (8 October).

The School for Wives | photo: Judit Horváth

In The School for Wives the aging Arnolphe picks a 4 years old little girl, Agnes and puts her in a nunnery. He wants her to grow up in complete ignorance and darkness  - thus he wants to raise himself a dumb and obedient wife. Years later, when Agnes is a young woman, her coincidental encounter with a stranger derails Arnolphe’s accurate plan and turns the life of their upside down.

Terror, the latest phenomenon of German theatre, tells the story of Lars Koch, fighter pilot. A terrorist hijacks a Lufthansa flight from Berlin to Munich and  targets a football stadium full of people. Koch has to decide: does he shoot the airplane with 164 people on board to save the 70,000 in the stadium? Weeks later he has to defend his decision before court.

Terror | photo: Dániel Dömölky

Both productions will be regularly on show from October.

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