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Katona launched its latest ad campaign with the tagline ’Home@Katona’ (Otthon a Katonában).

Earlier this year, all members of the company was photographed before, during or after performances in everyday backstage situations, resulting in a series of spontaneous photos. Additionally, all pictures were tagged by personal notes (family members, notable movie roles, hobbies, sports, favourite places, books, etc.) by the actors and the titles of plays they currently appear in. The photos were shoot by a mobile phone, without using any additional technical equipment or lighting.

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The Katona@Home campaign aimed to showcase the Katona brand and the actors of the theatre company to a wider audience. The new campaign, produced entirely in-house by Katona, first appeared in downtown Budapest outdoor spaces in early September, followed by print and online formats, as well as social media appearances (https://goo.gl/TuhFsi). Credits: Dániel Dömölky, photos; Róbert Báthori, graphic design.

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Last summer, Katona's 2015 campaign, Every Day a Play participated successfully in the world's leading advertising festival in Cannes: the series of ten short films was awarded the Silver Lion by the professional jury in the PR category. The campaign was conceived by Young & Rubicam, Budapest, which also produced the widely acclaimed and award-winning Giformances campaign for the theatre.