Szilárd Borbély: The Olaszliszka Murder


One of the storylines of this play – that evokes the form of Greek tragedies – deals with the issue of a 2006 lynching committed at Olaszliszka, the other one presents momentums around the disappearances of the provincial Eastern European Jews– in order to deal with the state of today’s Hungarian society. The story of the lynching is connected to Szilárd Borbély’s personal tragedy at several points; primarily concerning the brutality of the murder: Borbély’s parents were victims of a robbery at Christmas of 2000; his mother was killed, his father was seriously injured. Szilárd Borbély died in 2014. His suicide has shaken up the Hungarian literary and public life deeply.

The script of this production was created with using Szilárd Borbély’s dramas, poems, pieces of prose fiction and personal statements, and also reports of court trials.


Victim, 44-year-old Ernő Fekete
His little daughter, 5-year-old Anna Pálmai
His middle daughter, 14-year-old Blanka Mészáros
Chorus leader Hanna Pálos
Rabbi László Szacsvay
A Stranger, with camera Péter Haumann
A Villager János Bán
Judge Ági Szirtes
Prosecutor Alexandra Borbély
Solicitor Réka Pelsőczy
Defendant Bence Tasnádi
Policeman Dániel Baki 
Offender I. Zsolt Dér
Offender II. Endre Papp


Set design Balázs Czieger
Costume Anni Füzér
Mask Zsófia Keresztes
Music Ferenc Kiss
Choreography Máté Hegymegi
Video Marcell Török
Dramaturg Tamara Török
Consultant Zsuzsa Radnóti
Assistant Vera Fejes
Directed by Gábor Máté


9 October, 2015

Length of the production
1 hour 45 minutes, with no interval