In March we offer a series of programmes with English subtitles featuring the following productions.

Rattledanddisappeared (Ledarálnakeltűntem)
Directed by Viktor Bodó
5 March, Tuesday | Tickets

ledaralnak 600

"The performance is inspiring, shocking, witty, grotesque, and depressing in the best, Brechtian sense."

Tadeusz Słobodzianek: Our Class (A mi osztályunk)
Directed by Gábor Máté
6 March, Wednesday | SOLD OUT

amiosztalyunk 600

"Many similar plays should be played on Hungarian stages, so that we could  finally face our past. (…) I think this choice of the Katona Theatre is of crucial importance."

Musik, musikk, musique
Directed by Réka Pelsőczy
6 March | Tickets
Variety concert (no subtitles needed)

musik 600

"Fine silk dresses, flashing girdles, breath-taking coiffures and a music-hall from the 20's in a smoky and sensual atmosphere."

Tersánszky-Grecsó: Gypsies (Cigányok)
Directed by Gábor Máté
7 March, Thursday | Tickets

ciganyok 600

"Gábor Máté’s 17-member ensemble is uniformly forceful."
Washington Post

Directed by Viktor Bodó
8 March, Friday | Tickets

anamnesis 600

"With it's blasting energy, Anamnesis grabs you and won't let you go."

Our programme featured within Hungarian Showcase.

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