He had been working for television as an assistant director since 1968. He had been studying at the University of Theatre, Film and Television from 1971, where he graduated in 1974 as a director. From 1975, he had been a director for the National Television. Between 1979 and 1981, he was the leading director of the Csiky Gergely Theatre. He has been a stage director at the Katona József Theatre since 1993, and he has been directing at other theatres reguralry: Radnóti Theatre, National Theatre of Szeged, Örkény Theatre, Csiky Gergely Theatre. He is a popular film director, he writes screenplays and also works as a set designer.

Previous directions at Katona include Dog’s Heart, The End of the Beginning; Faith, Hope, Love; A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Walpurgis-Night, Adieu, my Dear!, Knives in Hens, The Theatremaker, Hedda Gabler, Black Milk, Tales of Commonsense Insanity, Casemates, Christmas at Ivanovs, The Trachinae, Mole, Dog Waltz, Golden Dragon, The Philosopher, Carnival.

His current direction at Katona includes Where Even The Woolf Is Good.


He got several prestigeous state and professional prizes for his acting.